Your target marketing decisions virtually make themselves…

with reports fast, detailed and easy to understand.

Quant Inc. introduces The DataMachine, the most powerful and easy to use market analysis tool available today. It automates the collection aggregation and analytics efforts for you. Significantly reducing the cost and time associated with market and customer profiling for any sized customer-facing business.

We leverage industry standard data sources and your existing customer data to produce highly, targeted, accurate demographic reports that provide insight to drive sales.

Understand your audience and target conversions!

Improve your marketing ROI

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Do you know if your marketing efforts are reaching the right target audience?

Imagine knowing that the marketing message for your business is resonating with exactly the right audience for your product or service.

Marketing campaigns are a great way to drive growth and sales. You need to be sure that the money you are investing in any marketing is getting to the right audience, otherwise you are just wasting valuable time and money.

Quant Inc. enables you to build highly targeted and focused campaigns using detailed market analysis and segmentation reports that you can generate in minutes. So whether you are doing a national campaign, or just targeting a small specialised group you know that your marketing message speaks to the right audience and will drive improved results and better ROI.

Validate locations based on the ideal audience for your business or franchise?

What if you could select the best location for your business with complete confidence based on the demographic make up and the buying habits of the locals?

The investment in a physical location for your new, or expanding business is decision that you have to get right the first time. Quant Inc. provides you with detailed demographic reports that enable you to pinpoint with laser accuracy all aspects of your target audience such as; ages, ethnic diversity, household income, spending habits, buying preferences, hobbies etc. These reports give you incredible insight into all aspects of your target customer segment, enabling you to pick the best location for your business with complete confidence.

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